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ITG FUND II LLLP – a Florida investment partnership which aims to generate tax exempt income and capital gains in excess of what is generally available to the market at large.  ITG FUND II has two classes of limited partner interests: Ordinary Limited Partners and Special Commitment Limited Partners, analogous to common and preferred equity holders, respectively.


Its predecessor, The ITG Tax Free Income & Capital Appreciation Fund, LTD, generated annualized returns to its Ordinary Limited Partners in the mid-to-high teens, from its inception in 1999 until its dissolution in 2010.  Since the inception of ITG FUND II in 2011,  Ordinary Limited Partners of ITG FUND II have realized mid teens returns on an annualized basis.


ITG TAXABLE FUND LLLP – is a Florida investment partnership which aims to generate partnership income in excess of what is generally available to investors in the debt market, through a combination of well-collateralized instruments. ITG TAXABLE FUND has three classes of limited partners interest, (i) Senior Special Commitment Limited Partners, (ii) Special Commitment Limited Partners, and (iii) Ordinary Limited Partners. The preferred return for each class of limited partner interest is inversely correlated to its preference in the capital stack.


Since its inception in 2013, ITG TAXABLE FUND has generated returns in the low-to-mid teens annually to the Ordinary Limited Partners.


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Prospective Borrowers

The ITG Capital Group team has expertise in creative capital solutions for commercial borrowers.  Through the comprehensive and robust experience of its principals and employees, ITG prides itself on quickly analyzing and assessing a distressed situation to target a solution to assist the debtor.  Through loans, sale and leaseback, purchase options and a multitude of other mechanisms, ITG is uniquely flexible in finding solutions to a business’s capital needs.  We pride ourselves in our diligent underwriting, keeping us, and the client, distanced from contentious situations and mitigating risk.


While we recognize that each opportunity has a unique set of circumstances,  ITG’s investment criteria set typically includes the following:


  •  Size: $1MM-$10MM
  •  Term: 1-5 years
  •  Location: Within the contiguous U.S.
  •  Security: Real Estate
  • Loan-to-Value (LTV): Up to 75%


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Real Estate

ITG Realty, LLC – ITG Realty provides Residential and Commercial Real Estate services in Brevard County and throughout all of Florida. ITG Realty began as an in-house brokerage for ITG, with its primary focus in the acquisitions and sale of income producing properties; however, it has since expanded its role into a full service real estate brokerage. Our real estate services include helping our clients with the buying and selling of residential, commercial and investment properties, as well as rental property management.


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Insurance Professionals of Brevard, LLC-  Since 2005, our team of insurance professionals has been helping businesses and residents in Brevard County, and throughout the State of Florida, protect their investments.


With an abundance of quality insurance products, covering auto, property, commercial, and life, the agents at Insurance Professionals of Brevard understand the unique needs of clients within the Sunshine State.


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